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Q: What is tool substitution?
 Tool substitution is done when one tool is created to function as yet another tool, thereby giving it multiple functions. Though nowadays, there are tools that are developed to be an all-in-one gadget of sorts, some functions of tools are discovered by accident by its users.
Q: What are the different classes of tool substitution?
Tool substitution can either be by design or multi-purpose. More often than not, the other functions of most tools are not as known as their intended purpose. Usually, tool substitution happens by accident, or by circumstance, usually when the need arises.
Q: Can you give examples of tools with more than one function?
Hand saws may also be used as carpenter’s square by using the right angle between the dull edge of the saw blade and the handle. Similarly, lineman’s pliers can be both a gripper and a cutter, and can even be used to hammer things in place.

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