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There are two kinds of fabrics, the woven and the knitted fabric. The woven fabric has two sets of yarn one going crosswise and the other, lengthwise. There are three basic patterns for the woven fabric. The first one is the plain weave. This is the simplest of the three and it basically creates flat-textured cloth used in making such products as bed sheets, dresses, and upholstery. The second pattern for a woven fabric is the twill weave and this is characterized by a pattern of raised diagonal lines. The twill weave turn out tough, firmly woven cloth used in work clothes, sportswear, and coats. The last pattern would be the satin weave and it form s soft, splendid cloth, but it may tear easily. Satin-weave fabrics are prepared for products like draperies and formal clothes.
The knitted fabric is made from either one yarn or a set of yarns. In creating the fabric, a knitting machine structures loops in the yarn and links them to one another by means of needles. This looped organization makes knitted fabrics more elastic than woven cloth.

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