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Textile is the woven fabric that consists of a set of connections or interlacing of artificial or natural fibers called a yarn or thread. Textile can simply mean fabric but a more accurate description of fabric would be that it is the material created by means of weaving, as knitted and laced materials are some examples of it. Textile can be made of soft cotton, wool, nylon and other substance.
The textile mills that churn out fabrics make them in many colors and innumerable patterns. Garments manufacturers use most of the textile produced in the making of clothing. The other textile productions go into the creation of towels, blankets and other household fabrics. It has been established that almost about 70% of the textile made are used in clothing and other goods used in and around the house. Other uses of textiles are in sports like boat sails and the goal nets in football. In the industrial realm, textiles are utilized in conveyor belts, the brake linings, tires and upholstery of cars. Textile is also important in delivering healthcare as they are used as surgical threads, tapes and bandages.

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